Family Celebrations

For exclusive Celebrations

Do you and your loved ones often find yourselves driving endlessly through Germany just to go on holiday together? And as a host, do you have so much to plan and organise that you can’t really enjoy your day? Why not spend your time off at the Kurhaus salinenparc in central Germany? You’ll enjoy a stress-free holiday and have lots of time for your guests, who will not have to travel far.

Your guests are also welcome to stay with us. The little ones can be put quickly to bed as soon as they’re tired, while the adults can relax and enjoy another glass or two without having to drive home later in the night.

For birthdays, receptions, Christmas parties or anniversaries – we can arrange our rooms according to your specifications. Let us know what you’d like.

Would you like to have your wedding with us? You can book our Wedding-Suite too!